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    Are you looking the best fish restaurant in Trastevere, Rome? Our menu always offers fresh and genuine products. The fish menu includes only the catch of the day that arrives every morning directly from the metropolitan market. The quality is very high and the proven origin of fishermen and the competent authorities is guaranteed. We make traditional and delicious fish dishes thanks to the mastery of our chefs. Fried, grilled or baked: grilled bass, mixed baked in foil fish, grilled squids, moscardini. All this to savor fresh fish in all its forms and acquire all its protein properties.

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    The best fish in the restaurant can only be found if it meets the daily freshness requirements and if it is cooked with technique and experience. The chef has cooked fish dishes for over 20 years, satisfying demanding palates.
    Excellent, cooked properly, with a fast and courteous service.
    All “ingredients” that you can enjoy in the restaurant at via Lungaretta, in the heart of the Trastevere district, where fresh fish dishes are guaranteed.
    In the menu we offer first courses with homemade pasta (at the moment you can find spaghetti with clams, spaghetti mussels tomatoes pecorino cheese, and gnocchi with bass and cherry tomatoes, even these homemade), second dishes with grilled fish (bass, calamari), or an inviting baked in foil fish with pachino.
    You just have to come and visit us at Aristocampo to try our seafood delicacies firsthand!
    Buon appetito!