Scottadito lamb ribs

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    Those who frequent Aristocampo know how tasty the scottadito lamb ribs are here. It is one of the most ordered dish in our restaurant and meat trattoria of the capital (we remind that we are located in the neighborhood of Trastevere). The secret of the preparation is simple. You just have to rigorously follow the traditional recipe with high-quality ingredients.
    Entire generations of Romans know how to cook the scottadito lamb ribs and are aware of the preparation secrets. We feel the “responsibility” of putting on the table a dish, which is so well known and loved everywhere (by Trastevere residents, tourists, or anybody who loves the eternal city and want to try the lamb when in Rome). It is a pleasure connected to a precise will: fully satisfy the culinary experience of Aristocampo guests.


    The name “scottadito” is referred to the particular way of how the dish should be eaten: hot and using only your hands, almost burning your fingers. This course comes from the cultural jewish-roman tradition just like the giudia artichokes.

    restaurant meat trastevere rome scottadito
    restaurant trastevere rome scottadito



    Wash the meat and dry it with kitchen paper eliminating the exceeding water. Degrease and widen it with a meat tenderizer. Peel the garlic and mince it in strips. Place the ribs on a oven pan, pour a bit of oil, add garlic and rosemary. Add salt, pepper and lard (as indicated following the original procedure) and mix everything. Let it marinate for approximately 10 minutes. Heat up the grill and place the lamb ribs for few minutes, turn them and let them cook on both sides. Serve hot with small slices of lemon.
    Temperature of the grill is very important: it has to be very hot in order to generate the Maillard reaction, to best enhance the meat aromas.


    This course highlights the delicacy and softness of the lamb ribs, which are tender and savory. Baked potatoes, artichokes or even a simple and fresh salad are perfect side-dishes. And what about wine? We recommend a good glass of Valpolicella or Amarone.